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25.5 Bonus Episode #1: Virtual Summit Series - Sneak Peek

Our attendees at last year’s Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit in Kansas City have spoken, and they want an encore. So Blue Tangerine -together with our friends at Outhouse - invite you to join us at the next Summit, this time it's a VIRTUAL SERIES, October 29, November 5, 12, & 19 2020. Join top home building marketing experts to learn digital marketing insights that can take your brand to the next level. We are bringing the industry’s thought leaders to your home or office once a week for four weeks so you can learn new marketing tactics to sell more homes – and it’s FREE! 


 Oct 29, Nov 5, Nov 12, Nov 19 (12-2 ET) | VIRTUAL SESSIONS


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[00:00:00]Greg Bray: Hello everybody. And welcome back to another episode of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast. I'm Greg Bray with Blue Tangerine 

Kevin Weitzel: and I'm Kevin Weitzel with Outhouse. 

Greg Bray: And today we're doing something a little bit different. We are excited to share with you about the upcoming home builder digital marketing summit.

It's going to be a virtual series starting at the end of October.  So we've decided because you know, we'd love to have everybody together in person, but you know, things are right now that's just not going to happen, you know? And, [00:01:00] and it's, it's disappointing. So, but we have too much exciting content. We didn't want to wait until next year. So we decided to go ahead and put this together virtually. Um, we're going to do it on four different weeks, starting on October 29th. And we're going to do two hours a week, where each time we've got a couple of presentations and that way you'll be able to work it into your schedule. You'll be able to plan around it. And you know what, if you can't make it every week, that's okay, too. So, you know, and Kevin, what's the best part.   

Kevin Weitzel: It's absolutely free.  we were thinking like 15, 20,000 bucks, you know, but free is going to have to work. Um, you know,, the cool thing about this event is that you're really going to be able to get it right into the minds of top home building marketing experts.

You're gonna learn digital marketing insights that are going to take your business to the next level.

Greg Bray: And I think to Kevin, um, one of the great things is it's not going to matter whether you're just a totally experienced chief marketing officer or whether you're kind of new to the whole building industry, digital marketing as a whole, we're going to have something for everybody,  cause we're really going to try and teach how you can use digital marketing to sell [00:02:00] more homes.

Kevin Weitzel: So everything from like a well-polished machine to a mouth breather and knuckle dragger, like myself, 

Greg Bray: everybody's invited

Kevin Weitzel: Alright, that sounds great

Greg Bray:  was invited and everybody can afford it. Why? 

Greg and Kevin: It's free. 

Greg Bray: We just want to make sure that we get that one key point across today. 

Kevin Weitzel: Absolutely. That it's free. It's free. It's free.

It's free, free, free, free. Um, well, what do we have coming like a week one? What do we got going? 

Greg Bray: All right. So week one's going to be October 29th. That's when we're going to start and we're going to start at 12 Eastern times to try and be fair to all those people across all the different time zones. But we're going to kick it off with a bang because we're going to have Jimmy Diffee from Bokka group as our keynote, and he's going to be talking about the buyer journey, the home builder buyer journey, and how you can improve that customer experience, which is just so critical in, in today's world. And I think Jimmy may even get into some things talking about how you can sell homes completely online, because I know that's something that he's pretty excited about too.

Just like me. 

Kevin Weitzel: He's [00:03:00] passionate about it, actually. Yeah. Then on top of that, if we didn't give you with one punch, we're going to give you with another punch, which is Angela McKay over at Lasso. Uh, she's going to be talking about email 3.0, which is taking a break from selling the relationship first approach to email marketing. 

Greg Bray: And I mean, Angela's got a lot of email marketing experience, she's really going to have a lot to share pretty excited about that one, but you know, just when you thought it couldn't get any better after week one, then we go to week two and we just keep building on it.

All right. So week two,  Thursday, November 5th. We're going to start off with the Bassam Salem from Atlas RTX and Bassam's going to be sharing about metrics that you can use to measure the customer journey and how you can continue to improve that sales experience. And, you know, and I've heard the Bassam share some of these ideas in the past, and that's one of the reasons why we wanted to join us because he takes numbers and makes some exciting how, how hard is that to do right.

And he can do it. So really excited to hear more about what he has to share. 

Kevin Weitzel: Well, you know, what's more exciting than that. 

Emotion [00:04:00] and you know, what's going to come off of that is you, Greg will be on a panel with Stuart Platt of Outhouse. So Greg and Stuart from Blue Tangerine and Outhouse, we'll be talking about getting the love, the, feel, the emotions start selling from your website.

Greg Bray: Yeah, I'm pretty excited about that presentation to Kevin. I have to admit it, you know, I'm a little biased, you know, I'm not going to say it's going to be the best one in the whole thing, but it's going to be fun because it's an opportunity where a lot of people can improve. It really is. 

Kevin Weitzel: It is not just having a well thought out website.

It's having one that actually elicits emotion, elicits that engagement. 

Greg Bray: Yeah, definitely, definitely want to connect. On week three then, which is going to be Thursday, November 12th. We're going to come back, you know, again, just keep building and building billing spinning. Spencer Powell from Builder Funnel is going to join us and he's going to talk a lot about how you can nurture those leads. We're talking about that pipeline where people aren't ready to buy today. They're not ready, but you still want to keep [00:05:00] marketing to them and to stay connected with them. And, and, you know, Spencer's just a real expert in content marketing and has got a lot of great ideas to share.

Kevin Weitzel: So instead of just your conventional funnel, he's going to be looking more at specific buckets. 

Greg Bray: I can't give it all away, man. You're going to have to sign up and come. 

 Kevin Weitzel: Well, then the, uh, the second half of that day is going to be,  Dana Kovach of  Kovach Marketing. Uh, one of my favorite humans out there, brilliant, brilliant gal,  in the world of digital brand marketing.

Greg Bray: Yeah. Dana's, Dana's got a lot too to share when it comes to branding, for sure. Gonna learn a lot from her.

Kevin Weitzel:  Oh yeah

Greg Bray: Of course. And then we bring it into the big finale week, week four, which will be Thursday, November 19th. Don't worry. That's not the holiday week. Thanksgiving comes later. All right. And we're going to have that day.

Eric Martinez, the vice president, and co-owner at Blue Tangerine. And he's going to be talking about some disruptive technologies that have been really redefined finding the home buying district. 

Hey can I disrupt yeah


Kevin Weitzel: I was just kidding. It's just that it's [00:06:00] disruptive technologies, you know, and I love hearing him talk because man, he just, he rattles off so many attributes that apply to real business today.

Greg Bray: Absolutely. And of course, Kevin, then we finish it off with. No one who could do a better job of bringing it all together. And who could that be? 

It's most likely going to be me, but it's actually going to be me just moderating a home builder panel. Um, you know, there's, there's nothing like learning from the successes and the failures of your peers, your builder 20 groups.

Uh, but to hear from people that are really at the top of their game, you know, there's, there's several rockstars out there, you know? Top of mind, Chris, Hartley's one of them. He's definitely, definitely, a beacon light for a lot of builders out there, both as a mentor and as a mentee. I mean, he's learned from plenty of people himself, but, uh, the beauty of this panel is that you're going to get to hear various stories from differentiating, uh, market share, to what, what has allowed them to be successful in their marketing ploys.

And not [00:07:00] only are you going to ask them questions, we're going to let the audience ask them questions too, and 

there will be a QA. 

So, so bring your, bring your questions that you want to find out how people have been doing things, what works, what doesn't, and that's going to be a great opportunity to learn.

Kevin Weitzel: So just to make sure that I understand here we're doing this virtually, not just because it's free. But also because it's easier and people can do it on their schedule. That's why we split it out instead of doing all in one. 

Greg Bray: Absolutely. We, we felt like trying to cram everything into one day. It was just going to be too hard for folks.

So we decided, you know what, we're going to spread it out over a few weeks, give you a chance to schedule around it. Make sure that you can keep your day job going without having to take a whole day off and still learn a lot and enjoy, you know, the content we've got to offer. 

Kevin Weitzel: So four Thursdays spread over four weeks, a two-hour commitment per week.

Piece of cake. Anybody can put them on the schedule for this kind of content. 

Greg Bray: That's right. And when does it start? Kevin? 

Kevin Weitzel: October 29th. 

Greg Bray: And how do you get registered? That's the big question everybody's gotten. Yeah, [00:08:00] 

Kevin Weitzel:  it's actually really simple. Greg. You just go to builder marketing summit.com. 

Greg Bray: Now we are inviting you to register your whole team, but I will say we do have a maximum capacity that we can handle with the software that we're using. So get your registration in today so that you don't miss out.

Thank you for listening to the home builder, digital marketing podcast. I'm Greg Bray at Blue Tangerine 

Kevin Weitzel: and I'm Kevin Weitzel with Outhouse. Thank you.

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