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Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast Digital Marketing Podcast Hosted by Greg Bray and Kevin Weitzel


88 The Generosity of the Home Building Industry - Matthew Baehr

Matthew Baehr joins Greg and Kevin this week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast to discuss his charity work with Homes for HOPE, a nonprofit organization that partners with the building industry to invest in underserved families around the world and he explains how builders can get involved.

55 Immediacy & Customer Experience - Dave Betcher

Join Dave Betcher of AtlasRTX on this week's episode of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast. Greg, Kevin, and Dave discuss how to create immediacy and take advantage of the opportunity to build your brand and customer experience.

54 Balancing Production Capacity and Sales - Alan Trellis

This week on the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Greg and Kevin sat down with Al Trellis, co-founder of Home Builders Network.  During this episode, they discuss the philosophy of balancing production capacity and sales in a shifting marketplace. You don't want to miss this episode.

53 Handling Good Market Syndrome, “More Better” - Matt Riley

On this week's episode of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Greg and Kevin had the opportunity to sit down with Matt Riley of Group Two. Join as they discuss how to cleverly take on "good market syndrome" and how to continue to set up your business for years to come.

50 Embracing Ever-Changing Technology - Lisa Lausten

This week on the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Greg and Kevin were joined by Lisa Lausten, Senior VP of Marketing at Stanley Martin Homes. They discuss how technology shifts should reflect how consumers not only shop for homes but shop in general. You don't want to miss Lisa's noteworthy journey that brought her into the home builder industry.

49 Defining Principles for Customer Experience - Alaina Money-Garman

Join Alaina Money-Garman from Garman Homes on this week’s episode of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast. Greg, Kevin, and Alaina discuss how defining your core business principles will boost customer experience, as well as the impact of women and BIPOC in home building. 

45 Upgrade Your Marketing Like You Upgrade Your iPhone - Chad Sanschagrin

On this week’s episode of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Chad Sanschagrin from Cannonball Moments joined Greg and Kevin to discuss the habits of successful salespeople and how you can constantly innovate both yourself and your business to the next (and better) version.

43 Inspiring Women Through the House That She Built - Kristi Allen

This week on the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Greg and Kevin welcomed Kristi Allen, owner of WoodCastle Homes. They discuss the power of women in general contracting and home building, The House That She Built, and so much more. She hopes to show girls and women that there’s a space for them in this awesome home building industry!

42 Complacency in 2021 is Rubbish - Russ Stephens

Join Russ Stephens, Co-founder of the Association of Professional Builders, on this week's episode of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast. Greg, Kevin, and Russ discuss attracting high-quality leads throughout 2021 while also preparing and setting up your business for 2022.


41 The Fundamental Change in Consumer Behavior - Meredith Oliver

On this week's episode of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Greg and Kevin had the opportunity to chat with Meredith Oliver, Chief Digital Marketing Strategist of Meredith Communications. They discuss making data-driven marketing decisions, how customers have fundamentally changed from the COVID-19 pandemic, and so much more.

40 Holiday Special 2020

On this very special holiday episode, Greg and Kevin put you in the holiday spirit by sharing some of their holiday traditions and what they are looking forward to in 2021! You don't want to miss this, Kevin even shares a very special rendition of Blue Christmas.

We hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season! 

37 Recap - Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit

Did you miss the Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit? Don't worry, on this week's episode, Greg and Kevin share some of their favorite moments from each day of the Summit. They also share the grand prize winners, so listen close! You might be a WINNER!

35 Understanding Your Value Proposition - Jennifer Cooper

This week on the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast we were honored to welcome Jennifer Cooper from Truland Homes. She joins Greg and Kevin to discuss the importance of understanding your value proposition as well as how to discover your brand influence and what your company stands for.

31 Embracing Change in Home Builder Marketing - Ronda Conger

Ronda Conger of CBH Homes brought amazing energy and insights to this week’s episode of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast. Greg, Kevin, and Ronda explore how to embrace the ever-evolving world of Home Builder Marketing and so much more. 

30 Ethical Considerations in Social Media - Mollie Elkman

This week on the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Greg and Kevin welcomed Mollie Elkman, the president of Group Two, to discuss ethical considerations in social media. She shares her expert insight on all things involving home building and social media, with topics such as how social media has changed our world, and the ethics of targeting home buyers.

28 The Process of Becoming a Follow-Up Champion - Anya Chrisanthon

This week on the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Greg and Kevin welcomed Anya Chrisanthon from the New Construction Marketing Academy to discuss the process of becoming a follow-up champion. She also explains the importance of a quality CRM program for a successful sales process. 

26 Connecting to Win More Home Sales - Quint Lears

Hold on to your headphones, this episode is jammed packed with tons of motivational quotes that promise to inspire from the creator of Newhomesales.com Quint Lears. He joins Greg and Kevin to discuss his journey in the Home Building and Real Estate industry as well as the importance of focusing “if you want to be terrific, you have to be specific”.

25.5 Bonus Episode #1: Virtual Summit Series - Sneak Peek

Join Greg and Kevin as they share a sneak-peek of the upcoming Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit - Virtual Series! We are bringing the industry’s thought leaders to your home or office once a week for four weeks so you can learn new marketing tactics to sell more homes – and it’s FREE! 

25 Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes in Real Estate - JoAnne Williams

This week on the HBDM Podcast we welcomed JoAnne Williams, Founder, President, and CEO of JWilliams Staffing to discuss how to avoid costly hiring mistakes in the real estate world. During this episode, you'll learn several tips like what to look for in potential employees as well as how you can stand out as a candidate.

23 The Intersection of the Common Good and Home Building Expertise - Scott Larson

Join Greg, Kevin, and Scott Larson discussing how to address homelessness and people who suffer from homelessness, as well as, how HomeAid is using home builders to help solve this issue. This episode showcases the inspiring mission of HomeAid and sheds a light on how home builders can do their part to get involved in their community. Listen and enjoy this heartwarming episode, it is sure to inspire you to get involved in your own community. 

21 Evoking Home Buyer's Emotions - Stuart Platt

Stuart Platt, a managing partner at Outhouse, spent some time with the Home Builder Digital Marketing hosts discussing some incredibly substantial topics to benefit home builders. Stuart also talks about the importance of creating an emotional connection on the website. With interactive website tools outlined in the podcast, you can create an engaging experience that allows your home-buyer prospects the freedom to “play” on your website

19 Marketing Psychology & Influences on Consumer Decision-Making - Tim Curtis

The Home Builder Digital marketing podcast enjoyed sitting down with Tim Curtis President of CohereOne to discuss neuromarketing and marketing psychology and so much more. Tim drops a ton of knowledge regarding the cues and triggers that influence the decision-making process and buying. Tim has an incredible knack for looking ahead so listen, learn, and enjoy! 

17 Embracing New Technology to Boost Sales - Chris Hartley

We welcomed Chris Hartley, VP of Sales at K. Hovnanian® Homes, on to the show to discuss how to assess and use technology to your advantage to boost sales efforts. Chris talks about how to resourcefully budget for the latest technology, how to choose the right new tools and creative ways to get sales teams to buy-in to technology. Chris has a lot of good energy and great insight so listen in and enjoy.

16 Branding, The Process of Producing Trust - Dave Miles

A legend in the home building industry, Dave Miles, president of Milesbrand, joined the show for a fascinating discussion on the importance of branding. It’s clear Dave has an incredible passion as he shares his knowledge of branding. Dave talks about consumer touchpoints, buying on emotion and how executing a brand promise creates trust. There are a lot of books on branding out there that you can buy, but it really doesn’t get much better than Dave Miles so listen in and learn from one of the top minds in home builder marketing. 

13 Introduction to the 7 Systems of Influence - Josh Steimle

It was an honor to have Josh Steimle, the founder, and CEO of MWI, an international digital marketing agency on the podcast to talk about his 7 Systems of Influence. How cool is Josh Steimle? He has hung out with Richard Branson on his private island. Josh helps people turn their biggest dreams into reality as he works with some of the world’s top business executives and entrepreneurs. Josh covers many beneficial topics on the podcast including marketing, sales, and leadership. 

11 Importance of Creating a PR and Social Media Plan - Carol Morgan

Recently on the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Greg and Kevin had the opportunity to talk with social media all-star Carol Morgan, founder, and president of Denim Marketing. They dive deep into the importance of having a strategic marketing plan, the difference between PR and social media, and much more. Carol has built a career on listening to clients and personalizing plans to fit each client’s needs while creating big picture marketing strategies. She utilizes public relations, advertising, social media, content, reputation management, and creativity to send traffic to the client’s website and garner measurable results. 

09 Communicating with Customers on Their Terms - Bassam Salem

When it comes to thought leaders in the home builder industry, Bassam Salem, CEO, and Founder of AtlasRTX is on the top of the list. We were grateful to sit down with Bassam and discuss communicating with customers on their terms. Bassam discusses how technology can solve business problems, assist with customer service, and boost your ROI. We dive into artificial intelligence (AI), metrics for response time, surprising stats for when home buyers are searching online and so much more.

05 Leading Your Remote Team - Tips and Hints for Maximizing Employee Productivity When You Can't Be With Them

The COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly and unexpectedly forced your employees to now work from home. So, we put a panel of leaders together who have been working remotely for years. Learn tips and tricks to lead, organize and motivate your team from home to set your business up for success.

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