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96.5 Bonus Episode: 2022 International Builders Show Preview - Greg Bray and Kevin Weitzel

On this bonus episode of The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Greg and Kevin give a preview of the 2022 International Builders' Show and share information about the experienced presenters and informative sessions to look forward to.


Greg Bray: [00:00:00] Hello everybody, and welcome to a special bonus episode of The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast. I'm Greg Bray with Blue Tangerine,

Kevin Weitzel: and I'm Kevin Weitzel with OutHouse.

Greg Bray: And today we just wanted to take a few minutes of your time and tell you how excited we are that the International Builders Show, IBS, is going to be live again, coming up in just a few weeks in Orlando, Florida, and we're going to be there and we're pumped, and we wanted to take a few minutes today and just tell you about some of the sessions that we're really excited about that are going to be there.

Kevin Weitzel: Greg, I can't wait to [00:01:00] get to IBS. You know me, with my personality and the way that I am. I have to get out there and see people and be with people I've been on podcasts and Zoom calls and GoTo meetings, and I just digital out. I have to actually touch and feel well, maybe not touch. I need to at least say hello to people.

Greg Bray: Kevin, I got a question. Are you a hugger?

Kevin Weitzel: I am a hugger. That's part of sales in me, I'm a hugger, and even with COVID, you know, people aren't really down with hugging, but, you know, hey, that's the way it is.

Greg Bray: That's alright, but Kevin will have a hugging booth. No, just kidding. Get your Kevin hug.

Kevin Weitzel: There's actually some great content this year. A lot of stuff in the digital marketing and sales tracks. You know, on Tuesday, there's The Evolution of Online and Onsite Sales, and, you know, that's basically preparing for 2022 and beyond because things are evolving. The cool thing about this one is it's got some movers and some shakers in there. You've got Brooke Carroll, Cori Masters, Beth Byrd, and Matt Riley. That's gonna be a good one.

Greg Bray: That's going to be a good one, and also on Tuesday, Kevin, I think we're both excited [00:02:00] about Kristi Allen's presentation. It's titled The Home, The Story, The Journey: The House That SHE Built, and, you know, we're both big fans of everything that Kristi did with The House That SHE Built, and to hear the details of that story, that's going to be a must-see presentation, for sure.

Kevin Weitzel: Absolutely. Absolutely. I wonder if we're going to have a deal on the book in there? They might.

Greg Bray: Guess, you got to show up and find out.

Kevin Weitzel: I hope I didn't just do a spoiler. I don't know. I don't know if I did or didn't, who knows? So, later in the afternoon, we got the Managing Through Success Complacency: Keeping Your Team on Top of Their Game. Everybody loves Chris Hartley, Jennifer Cooper, Cory Charles. I mean, that's a powerhouse trio, right there.

Greg Bray: Definitely sounds like a good one. Also, Tuesday afternoon, there's another powerhouse group that's going to kind of compete time slot-wise, so you might have to make some hard choices. Leveraging Technology to Attract the Digital-Savvy Connected Buyer with Ingrid Prince, Angela McKay, Shari Morton, and Kimber Gabryszak, and that one's sure to be one worth visiting as well. I mean, we all want to attract more buyers, right?

Kevin Weitzel: And get your [00:03:00] tuxedos and dresses ready cause that evening we've got The Nationals. There's a pretty important category that night at The Nationals too.

Greg Bray: I am really pumped about one very specific category, Kevin. That is the one at which The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast is up for an award. We are a silver award winner and we are going for the gold and it's going to be fun. So, don't miss out.

Kevin Weitzel: Good luck to all the other podcasts and webinars, but doggone it, we would really love to take home that gold.

Greg Bray: That's right. So, if anybody wants to be there and just cheer us on, we'd love to have you, but of course, you're there for the learnings, not the parties, right? Nobody's there for the parties. They're all just there for the learnings.

So, Wednesday, it keeps going. Early in the morning, 9:15, From Prospects to Profits: A Systemized Process for Sales Success. That's got Erik Cofield, Rocky Simmons, and Scott Stroud sharing some of their knowledge and experience.

Kevin Weitzel: You know, Justin Timberlake, in the music world, taught us how to bring sexy back, but How is Taylor Morrison Bringing [00:04:00] Sexy Back to the Home Buying Experience? That's going to be a good one with Stephanie McCarty and Bassam Salem.

Greg Bray: Sounds like a catchy title. All right, but Kevin, I have to admit that I am excited about mid-morning on Wednesday, about 11:15. Does Your Website Have a Buy Now Button? And of course, I'm excited because I'm going to be joined by Carol Morgan, and we're going to have a great panel discussion about some of the pros and cons of getting that buy now button and some of the issues that come along with it and it's going to be a fun discussion to have I'm really looking forward to that one.

Kevin Weitzel: I will be in that audience, and toward the end of the day, we're going to have Audience Targeting and Data Privacy: Creating Effective Social Media Ads. Courtney Stewart of Denim Marketing is going to be in that one and that's going to be definitely one to see cause there are a lot of issues in that world, in that realm of privacy right now.

Greg Bray: Then we move on to Thursday and I think people are going to be tired by Thursday, Kevin, but they can't quit because there's still more and I am super excited. Cabe Vinson from Blue Tangerine is doing a presentation, 11:15 am, Uncover [00:05:00] Hidden Gems in Local SEO Optimization. Now, I admit I have seen a preview of Cabe's presentation and it's going to be a good one, so don't miss it.

Kevin Weitzel: And the one that I'm waiting for, 1:45 PM, Strategies and Secrets for Creating the Online Home Shopping Experience Buyers Expect. Now, I'm worried on this one because I'm just the moderator. I'm just the big dummy behind the mic that gets to interview three big web-hitting powerhouses, Greg Bray, Dennis O'Neil, Chip Johnson. I don't know if I'm going to be able to even speak in sentences when I'm talking with you guys.

Greg Bray: Oh, Kevin, this is going to be an awesome one. I mean, I have the utmost respect for Dennis and Chip and the things that they do. Technically, we compete a little bit with some of the services we offer, but the opportunity to share the stage with them and share ideas with the world to help everybody do better. It's going to be a great one.

Kevin Weitzel: Oh yeah.

Greg Bray: So, Kevin, I think one thing we want to make sure everybody knows about is there's [00:06:00] been some adjustments to Sales Central this year. Sales Central, if you're not familiar with it, has been a place for marketing and sales professionals to kind of hang out, kind of a little place to get away from the show, relax, maybe get a little snack, and also have some presentations, but they've changed that format. Going to have a lot more presentations. They're going to be a bit shorter and quick-hitting, but if you're not familiar with Sales Central, make sure you put that on your list as well to check out and participate in.

Kevin Weitzel: Yeah, you can get in there and get some quick little nuggets because they're 15-minute sessions, so it's going to be a good one. And then, if you want to find us on the floor, you know, Greg, outhouse, hasn't actually had a booth in quite some time now. We have found a lot more success with just meeting our clients wherever they're going to want to be and wherever they are at the show, so we're playing phone tag and getting people all over the place, but you guys are a lot easier to find. Where's your booth this year?

Greg Bray: Blue Tangerine we'll have a booth. We're going to be in the west hall. The booth number is W6787. It's in the nextBuild section where you find the software and technology [00:07:00] companies and we would love to have everybody stop by say, hi, and hey, Kevin, maybe we should do like a podcast autograph session or something. I don't know, you know, and both of our fans can come and get an autograph, and then we can see what happens from there.

Kevin Weitzel: Now, I know that you can just drop in, but do you encourage people to set appointments?

Greg Bray: If somebody wants to make sure that we get a specific time, especially with me, I'm in and out of the booth a lot, but my team's always going to have somebody there, but yeah, we'd love to have you reach out and make an appointment ahead of time. You can reach me at greg@bluetangerine.com.

Kevin Weitzel: And with me, you can always hit me on my cell 602- 206-0249, or you can shoot me over an email, schedule an appointment with kevinw@outhouse.net.

Greg Bray: Thank you everybody for listening to this quick little IBS preview session. We are excited to see everybody in Orlando. I'm Greg Bray with Blue Tangerine

and I'm Kevin Weitzel with OutHouse. Thank you.

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