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40 Holiday Special 2020

Holiday Special 2020

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On this very special holiday episode, Greg and Kevin put you in the holiday spirit by sharing some of their holiday traditions and what they are looking forward to in 2021! You don't want to miss this, Kevin even shares a very special rendition of Blue Christmas.

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We hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season! 



Greg Bray:  [00:00:00]Hello everybody. And welcome to a special holiday edition of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast. I'm Greg Bray with Blue Tangerine 

Kevin Weitzel: and I'm Kevin Weitzel with Outhouse. 

Greg Bray: And everybody we're going, to be honest. We didn't want to work over the holidays, so we didn't want to have to schedule another guest.

And so we just decided that we're just going to wish everybody happy holidays, Merry Christmas and all that great stuff. And just share a few Christmas thoughts with you today. 

Kevin Weitzel: Absolutely. So out of the two of us, Greg, I am 99.9% certain that I'm more of the bah humbug guy, and I'm not a bah humbug guy because I'm not down with Christmas and gift-giving and all that stuff.

you know, I just, I hate Christmas music. I really hate it. I don't know why I hate it so much. I just do. But I'm also a whistler. So I get songs stuck in my head and during the holidays, [00:01:00] every radio station is playing holiday music. So I'll just walk right out unbeknownst to myself. I'm literally walking around with something like Christmas tune.

And then my buddies will catch me. They're like, Oh, that's what you do. Look Christmas music and stuff. And you know, they give me a hard time and guess what? Guilty. So there are some teams out there, you know, you know because I do my big sideburns. People always want me to do the blue Christmas song, you know?

I'll have a blue Christmas without you...

Greg Bray: Kevin, we didn't plan this to be a sing-along. Okay. We're just looking to wish everybody Merry Christmas and kind of move on. All right. So let's not overdo it. All right. 

Kevin Weitzel: I love the Christmas music. 

Greg Bray: I love Christmas. I'm the one that gets in trouble.

It's like, you can't turn that on until after Thanksgiving. I'm like, why can't I turn it on in November? You know, it's relaxing, it's peaceful.  

Kevin Weitzel: We're not going to be riding in a smaller RV together. Then during the November months, 

Greg Bray: I don't know that that was on my bucket list to rent a smaller RV with you.

Kevin Weitzel: Well, let me ask you this, you know, being that is the holidays. Everybody loves [00:02:00] holiday movies. They've got their favorites. What are your favorite holiday movie? Is that? Cause I know you're Christmasy. 

Greg Bray: I, you know, I'll be honest. When I think about the stuff that I enjoy watching the most, it's those old Claymation specials that go back from the, you know, the ones with the Burl Ives, narration and all that kind of stuff.

I mean, my kids, they won't even watch them with me anymore because they just think they're, they they're so slow-moving and, and it's like, but. I mean the music's good. I love all those, you know, the Santa Claus Coming to Town, The Year Without a Santa Claus, the misfit toys thing with Rudolph.

That's a little weird still. I don't know. But the, you know, the dentist pulling the tooth out of the abominable snow monster, I mean, that's okay. I dunno where that falls in with Christmas, but Hey, if you've got a sore tooth and you need to pull it at Christmas, you should get it for free. How about you, Kevin?

What's your favorite? Christmas movie? 

Kevin Weitzel: Well, I'm a little unorthodox when it comes to my holiday movies. I like Scrooged, Bad Santa and Diehard. Those are my three and yes, Diehard [00:03:00] is a holiday movie. 

Greg Bray: I have seen that show up on people's Christmas movie lists. And I was always a little confused how that became a holiday movie.

Just like, I'm not sure how Harry Potter became a holiday movie. So, but somehow Harry Potter, because there's like one Christmas scene in Harry Potter, it's a holiday movie. It's like, wait a minute. How did that happen? 

Kevin Weitzel: Well, John McClain's wife is having a holiday party, a big holiday party in the Nakatomi Plaza.

So because of that, and it all takes place in the Nakatomi building. That's why it's a holiday movie. Yeah. 

And he makes, he makes the end very good. And they get together instead of being separated. 

Greg Bray: After blowing things up and destroying people. About the murder part of it, you know, don't  worry about that because, there's nothing says Christmas, like blowing up a bad guy, you know, so.

Kevin Weitzel: Well, this has been an awkward year, Greg. So, you know, for the holidays, what are you kind of hoping that Santa delivers for 2021? 

Greg Bray: Oh my goodness. I would just like to be able to travel and [00:04:00] have meetings and meet people and actually shake hands again, you know, just, just friendly handshakes without that.

Oh, don't get too close to me. Kind of feeling that, that everybody seems to have. That's what I would love to have. And hopefully, that's on its way. How about you, Kevin? What are you looking for? 

Kevin Weitzel: I'm looking forward to pretty much the same thing, except I want to give you a big old hug Greg and you can't do that in the COVID world.

Greg Bray: I'm not sure. I'm not sure you're allowed to do that in any world.

Kevin Weitzel: I'm just going to plant one on you. I'm just going to grab it with both of my big fat arms and I'm just gonna Squeeze yah, 

Greg Bray: Oh man.

Kevin Weitzel: I'm looking forward to, even though I think that there's been some benefit, you know if you want to if you want to look at the silver lining of all that's gone on.

I think that a lot of our home builders have stepped up to the plate and realize that. The market is changing. The way people shop is changing and changed. It's not just changing, it's changed. It's not the same way we used to sell even three, four years ago, you know, it's completely different. So I [00:05:00] guess I'm, I'm happy that a lot of them have kind of been kickstarted or had to turbo-boost their marketing programs, and their, you know, their digital asset integration with our websites.

but what I really hope that happens in 2021 is that builders will. Utilize that moving forward to their advantage instead of just looking at it as a, Oh, we had to do that because you know, that they incorporated permanently into their processes and make their life easier is really what it comes down to.

So I'm, I'm actually hoping for that for 2021. 

Greg Bray: Yeah. I think Kevin. In the home building industry. We, we have been really blessed. There's a lot of people that have had a really hard time. And, and I'm not saying that we haven't, you know, the anxiety level of the stress levels have been at higher, I think for everybody all the time because the uncertainty of everything and how long are things going to last?

And some of the other challenges beyond COVID that have happened this year. But I think overall in the building industry, we've got people with record years, they're doing well. and, and I, I personally, I've been looking forward to finding ways to kind of [00:06:00] share some of that, find some, some friends and family that maybe need a helping hand this season.

And, you know, maybe a charity or two, you know, we we've done some things with Home Aid,  they're a a not-for-profit focusing on those experiencing homelessness.  in America. And so we're able to make a donation there and yeah. And encourage others, if you're not sure where to go to, to try and make a difference.

That's one that you take a look at, you know, for sure that it's doing some great work. That's a, that's a challenge that, that hopefully doesn't get worse if, you know, because of some of the challenges that are, that are going on right now. but it's, you know, when we've been blessed, I think we have a responsibility to give back a little bit.

And so I, I hope folks find a way to take a few minutes. Cause sometimes you feel like. Oh, gosh, what is my little small donations that really make a difference in, you know, what stuff adds up? It does. It can make a difference. 

Kevin Weitzel: You bring up an interesting point. It's something that I actually admire about you personally, is that you are a very generous individual.

I know that you do take part in a lot of different charities that are out there and causes, I've been the recipient of some of your [00:07:00] personalized gifts that you've given out. So I do appreciate that. And, let me ask you this. And just on a personal level, are I know that in my level that I have.

Difficult time receiving gifts. So like when somebody, you know, wants to my birthday, I really don't want to have a party. Cause I, I don't receive gifts. Well, once people give them gifts, I'm like, what am I supposed to do? I just feel awkward. Are you the gift giver or do you also find joy in the receipt?

The reception of a gift? 

Greg Bray: You know, I understand where you're coming from with that Kevin cause I think what it really gets down to is trying to truly connect with people as understanding the motives behind it. You know, that old phrase, it's the thought that counts.

Really rings true. When you're trying to understand, you know, what this person, maybe they didn't know exactly what I'd like, or maybe they got me something awkward or whatever, or, you know, but just being able to say, you know, what they were thinking about me, they wanted to, they made some attempt to show some appreciation and you know, that I can recognize, even if I don't [00:08:00] want that a ugly sweater, you know, I can still acknowledge the idea that, that they, that they're just trying to say they care.

Kevin Weitzel: And, that really is it. And I think that's the thing that I struggle with is that I, there isn't a motive behind a gift, you know, it's just that somebody wants to do something nice for you. And they're recognizing you that, that, that, that you're a special person to them. So let's, let's you and I let's give away a gift.

Greg Bray: That's a great idea. That is a great idea. And who do we, who do we care about? It's our listeners, right Kevin? 

Kevin Weitzel: That's right. We do have a motive behind this one. The motive is, is that we only have listenership when people actually go to the podcast episode, solicitor. So, how about we make it a little contest?

Let's have our listeners from today through the 31st of December, they go to our podcast, host a webpage. What does that? Webpage Greg 

Greg Bray: buildermarketingpodcast.com. 

Kevin Weitzel: They go there and what can they do to where we [00:09:00] can know that they've stopped. 

Greg Bray: We've got a contact form on the website where they can just fill that out and tell us, Hey, I heard your holiday special.

Isn't that kind of cool that we've got a holiday special. I mean, we're, we're so special, right? We listen to your holiday special and I'd love to just get a little, you know, happy holidays message from you. And then we can put them in the pool. 

Kevin Weitzel: Here's what we're going to do. So we'll take all those entries.

We'll randomly select one true random selection, and we'll give out a hundred dollar gift card to their store of choice. It could be Lowe's Home Depot, Starbucks, you name it. We'll I'll go out there and get the gift card for you and we'll get it done all right now.

Greg Bray: But here's the thing, Kevin.

Because what's going to happen. Nobody's going to tell anybody else, cause they want to be the only one in the pool. Right? So, so well, we'll give you, we'll give you a bonus entry bonus entry. If you go share with a friend. The podcast website on social media and then, and then send us [00:10:00] a screenshot of that share on your social media.

We'll give you a bonus. Right? All right. So you can enter on your own or you can share the podcast with a friend or with your network, and we'll give you some bonus entries there, a chance to win that gift. 

Kevin Weitzel: And, uh, Greg, can I enter. 

Greg Bray: You can enter, but you aren't going to win 

Kevin Weitzel: Outhouse and Blue Tangerine employees are void of winning this prize.

Greg Bray: They can still share the podcast with their friends. So that's correct for those that are listening well, Kevin, I just want to say personally to you, express my appreciation for all your support this year. You know, getting this podcast off the ground, you know, helping spread the word about it, you know, getting to work with you and be able to.

Learn more about you become good friends. And, you know, I think we've had a lot of fun with the guests we've, we've interviewed and learned from so far. And I'm really excited about all the guests we're going to have in 2021 planning to keep this thing going, cranking this out every week and, and really learning a lot and, and helping that with, with the [00:11:00] industry and helping them improve their marketing.

So thank you for being a support and to help to make this happen. 

Kevin Weitzel: You know, I'm actually very appreciative. You said that Greg and, and right back at ya, right back at ya, how can I make it that easy? but, no, I appreciate you. Not only for the inclusive inclusivity, you know, bringing me into this podcast, you know, it was your conceptual idea to roll out.

But including me, he was being your colors, commentator, if you will. but, but I've had a really good time, you know, the connections we've made and just the. Man, so much knowledge that's been doled out over this podcast over this last year has been fantastic. And yeah, we, we are friends and, you know, I love you, man.

I love you. And, you know, thank you for being my friend and, and, I hope that 2021 brings you a lot of joy to you and your family, health and happiness. 

Greg Bray: Thank you, Kevin. Again, really, really appreciate it. And we were so grateful for all the listeners and all the guests, especially the guests who are given their time with no compensation whatsoever.

They just freely been sharing. And, that's amazing, you know, how, how willing they are to share their knowledge and their experience [00:12:00] with, with others so that we can all improve and do better. Well, everybody again, happy holidays. We're excited for a great 2021. So please stay with us, come back again.

And we've got some great content lined up and it's going to be amazing. And this next year is going to be amazing for all of us. I'm sure of it.  The best way to share this podcast with your friends, families, and coworkers is to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform and leave a review. So please be sure to join us again. Next time. The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast. I'm Greg Bray with Blue Tangerine. 

Kevin Weitzel: And I'm Kevin Weitzel with Outhouse

Happy Holidays.

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